You have come up with a product, a revolutionary idea, a service that can solve people’s problems.


But having a product or a service is not enough. You need people to know about your product/service. So, how do you go from zero exposure to full exposure to your target market?

Posting your services to your social media accounts or randomly telling friends on your contact list about your business will not cut it. Your product or service may remain obscure and hidden from the people who need it without proper, laid-down targeting of potential customers.

Why businesses need marketing services.

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The digital marketing circle

This is where a digital marketing services comes in. A digital marketing service is a marketing firm whose sole purpose is to promote your brand or business through clearly defined data-driven digital channels.

No guesswork only precisely focused marketing efforts.

It is a calculated results-based approach to getting you wide brand visibility and real-time conversions. Professional marketing services have a proven strategy for creating brand awareness and targeting prospects. Taking the workload of marketing off you so you can focus more on other demands of your business.

Knowledge is power. As a business owner, you know the in’s and out’s of your business. You can work the ropes.

However, if you’re no marketing expert, you’ll waddle in the shallow waters of brand obscurity. That’s why it is essential to go for knowledge—to hire the people who know how to work the marketing ropes and drive leads to your business fast.

A digital marketing service agency eliminates guesswork, and with years of experience in creating profitable marketing campaigns, will create tailored marketing strategies to promote your business.

Many business owners fall for the DIY trap, trying to figure how to break into the market on their own.

The learning curve to go from newbie to marketing expert is long and steep, and it is better to spend that time on running your business. Marketing services have the expert marketing knowledge, understand the industry, and how to work brands into the hearts of buyers.

Success in business comes down to calculation, and it is always in the best interest of a business to get a marketing service agency to handle its marketing campaigns.

Benefits of hiring a marketing agency

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There is a lot of benefits to engaging a digital marketing service to drive brand growth and handle your promotions.

Today marketing isn’t just about one thing. Marketing has pronged out, branching out into many aspects: creating promotional content, logos, developing business-focused websites, and targeted social media outreaches.

It would be daunting to try to work all these aspects with a DIY approach.

A marketing agency is equipped with the specialty and tools to expertly work all these aspects of digital marketing to create tailored campaigns that create customer awareness and culminate in profitable sales.

As a small business in Nigeria looking to break into the market, who do you hire to grow your brand’s online presence and drive leads to your business?

Here’s a smart choice: Afrylance.

Afrylance is a Lagos-based Digital Marketing Agency focused on growing local brands. By providing them with our fully proven marketing to enable them succeed, gain a large portion of the market, and turn prospects into paying customers.

Digital marketing is multifaceted, and so are we.

From branding to social media management to website design, SEO, competitor analysis, and implementing results-oriented online marketing campaigns.

Whatever digital marketing service you want done for your business, we have the requisite skills and tools to accomplish it expertly.

With years of experience in developing successful digital marketing campaigns for our clients, we have accumulated a deep understanding of how to deploy digital marketing strategies that yield fast results.

Afrylance about us background

All you have to do is to share your vision and goals for your business, and we set to work, crafting successful marketing campaign specifically tailored to your business goals.

We have talents. We have the hands. We have skills. Our multi-talented team has worked with a wide range of businesses in Nigeria, businesses of various sizes to deliver outstanding design, marketing, and digital services. We are actively invested in helping businesses in Nigeria reach more customers through digital marketing.

Our work speaks for us, so do our clients.

You should be one of them.